Search & Ability

Knowledge and Information pertaining to Victims of Torture are produced, generated and disseminated to all concerned parties, and there exist individuals and institutions capable to respond to the needs of Victims of Torture.




3.1 Specialized studies and research pertaining to community mental health and human rights.

3.2 a Surveillance / Documentation System on Torture and Victims of Torture.

3.3 Relevant Individuals and Org. have the capacity (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and enabled to respond to the needs of Victims of Tortures and their families.


Major Initiatives:

1. Conduct an overall research study to determine the most vulnerable groups of Victims of Torture

2. Conduct a comprehensive study on the impact of TRC work

3. Develop and Upgrade the Database at TRC

4. Qualitative and Quantitative mapping of torture on the West Bank in accordance with Istanbul protocols

5. Monitoring visits to police and security forces

6. Conduct Organizational Capacity Assessment of selected partners

7. Design Organizational Development packages

8. Provide Capacity building interventions to selected partners including training