Treatment and rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture

CEO's Message

About the Center

The Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture (TRC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides psychosocial services to survivors of torture and organized violence in the West Bank. The centre was founded in 1997 by a Palestinian psychiatrist and human rights activist, Dr. Mahmud Sehwail who has been visiting and treating Palestinian detainees and ex-detainees from Israeli prisons as well as their families on a voluntary basis as early as 1983, and who is currently the President of the Centre. Early on, TRC operated as a voluntary movement and then instituted in the year 1999, as an independent Palestinian non-governmental organizations in accordance with the prevailing laws. It is governed by a Board of Directors and supported by a Board of International Advisors. Day-to-day Management is run by the Executive Director Mr. Khader Rasras who is a clinical psychologist by background. Since its founding, the Centre has gradually expanded its work to include training, outreach, public awareness, research, crisis intervention and prevention activities as well as international networking with similar centers worldwide.

Initially, TRC worked to reduce the traumatic and devastating physical and psychological consequences of torture and politically motivated violence and reduce retaliatory behavior by directly offering victims and their families comprehensive medical, psychiatric, physical, and psychosocial care. TRC also worked to prevent and combat torture, violence, and impunity through training, research, and advocacy.

TRC is a Non-Governmental Organization, licensed by the Palestinian Ministry of Interior and National Security (License No. RA-235-SC) and the Ministry of Health (License No. R/6/2012).
TRC provides essential humanitarian services for the Palestinian victims of torture, including the victims of the Israeli occupation forces violence, the Palestinian detainees, wounded, the martyrs' family members along with other poor and marginalized people.
TRC works against torture and organized violence, Further the center works on advocacy and community awareness concerning several issues including human rights, mental health, campaigns against torture and organized violence and publishes researches, reports and studies  related to these fields.

Core Values


TRC will remain an Independent and Impartial entity working for the human rights of victims of torture and organized violence all across the West Bank. It is independent of any government, political belief, economic interest or religion. It will not support or oppose any government or political system, nor does it take sides in political or armed conflicts. TRC reports will continue to be accurate, unbiased and fair – free from the influence of those in power. Its demands are based on international human rights standards, not on the interests of any government or group.



TRC will follow strict adherence to courtesy, honesty, and responsibility when dealing with their clients, the victims of torture and their families, consistently through a customer-oriented service approach, while maintaining the confidentiality of the client, treating everyone with courtesy, dignity and respect. TRC demonstrates compassionate support and concern for victims of torture and their families.



TRC has the highest level of integrity in its operations be it administrative, technical or others. It ties these activities directly to its mission and it maintains and reports its records accurately.



TRC will model and promote fairness, equity, clarity, innovation and consistency for becoming a model as an agent of change and excellence.



TRC believes that its work as an advocate for Victims of Torture and Organized Violence will be needed for many years into the future. Therefore, it will strive on its mission with thoughtful strategic choices that ensure its has the systems and sufficient financial resources to lead the organization to the shores of sustainability.