Rehabilitation & Therapy

The most vulnerable population of Victims of Torture and Organized Violence and their families receive the essential treatment and rehabilitation services.



1.1 On-going development of the selection criteria for the most vulnerable victims of torture, to be targeted for treatment and rehabilitation services of TRC, in the context of Model Building.

1.2 A Center of Excellence for the delivery of treatment and rehabilitation services based on scientific methods and relevant to the Palestinian culture.

1.3 TRC functions within a multi-disciplinary team approach and Performance and Evaluation Systems exist throughout the organization within a built-in integrated approach


Major Initiatives:

1. Conduct Baseline Study

2. Validate Data and Information regularly

3. Provide highly needed services in an efficient and effective manner, including definitions of roles and responsibilities and specialty differentiation.

4. Deploy new therapy methods and utilize new testing

5. Organize Workshops and seminars to exchange experiences and lessons learned.

6. Organize “Care-for-Caregivers” workshops targeting TRC Staff

7. Develop a “Reference” Manual for excellence in Treatment & Rehabilitation.

8. Adopt scientifically based and integrated assessment systems for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services of TRC using a multi-disciplinary team approach.