Rehabilitation & Therapy

The Rehabilitation and therapy unit is considered as the core unit of TRC, as it provides all the treatment methods and all the therapies to the victims of torture including psychological therapy services and initial therapy, Among other services like psychological clinical and social counseling for the victims of organized violence and crimes, victims of torture and to their family members.

The services of the rehabilitation and therapy unit are provided within the center and outreach using modern treatment methods all over the West Bank.

 The rehabilitation and therapy unit is developing new treatment programs including house visits, emergency interventions, psychological intervention, narrative therapy, behavior therapy, Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy and lastly protection intervention.

 The rehabilitation and therapy unit also provides vocational rehabilitation, in which it provide courses on variety of vocations that may help in developing the daily life of the marginalized areas, and it annually organizes summer camps for the children of these areas in order to recover some of the damage that was caused by the inadequate life they live. Which also helps in recovering the mental health of the children whom live in the areas that faces violations by the Israeli forces on daily bases. Finally, such activities constitute a good internship chance to the college students and is a good chance for documenting the violations that these innocent civilian areas face.