Awareness & Advocacy

Due to the big role that advocacy plays in the field of human rights, certainly in preventing and eliminating all forms of violations, and due to the center’s necessity for a department that can work in cooperation with the other civil society organizations in the field of awareness and advocacy, the Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture established the Advocacy and community awareness department.

The department of Advocacy and community awareness works on increasing the community awareness of both, the gravity of the crime of torture, and the important of the treatment and rehabilitation process.

Furthermore, the department of Advocacy and community awareness works in accordance with a systematic strategy that takes into account the necessities and needs of the Palestinian society, and in this context, the department of Advocacy and community awareness involves in several human rights activities certainly the activities against torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, whether individually or in cooperation with other civil society organizations.

Moreover, one of the goals we aim to achieve with this department is to develop and insure the participation of the individuals and society in human rights issues and in the campaign against torture and systematic violence by cooperating with schools, colleges, institution, decision makers of governmental and non-governmental organizations, lobbies and finally with the community centers to create a local, regional and international alliance in order to provide treatment and other services for the victims of torture and to keep in touch with all TV and Radio channels, news agencies in order to achieve a better community awareness and to create an effective media campaign against torture that can deliver the campaign message to the people and to get sufficient feedback.

Also, the department of Advocacy and community awareness works on publishing magazines, booklets and brochure that are related to the message of the center periodically, such publishes will be distributed to individuals in schools, universities and other civil society organization in order to provide these individuals with the necessary knowledge about the several fields that the center is involved in.

Amjad Abu Lafi

Advocacy Coordinator