Advocacy and social awareness

A non-violent culture that fights and documents acts of torture and organized violence, promoting the rights of survivals and their families is present in the West Bank.


1.1 A great number of Palestinian citizens are aware of the negative consequences of torture from a combined perspective of mental health and human rights.

2.2 Politicians and decision makers have the prevention of torture and the needs of torture survivors on the national agenda.

2.3 TRC is well networked, locally, regionally and internationally, where the rights of victims of torture and the fight against torture are globalized

Major Initiatives:

1. Organize workshops, public meetings, seminars and others for school and university students, community activists, police and security forces.

2. Organize Media campaigns

3. Develop, produce and distribute pamphlets and brochures

4. Organize children Competition and other artistic programs

5. Develop and organize puppet shows

6. Organize voluntary and community events and competitions

7. Organize Cultural events during the month of Ramadan.

8. Produce Short movie / spots

9. Develop and update TRC Website

10. Produce a regular fact sheet

11. Organize Public debates

12. Organize national and international conferences

13. Organize regular press conferences